Info Center

Info Center
The new Info Center, devised by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, is a true pièce de résistance. The Info Center will replace the library formerly found where the Job Lounge is today. The interior has been completely overhauled and the Info Center now has a small theatre where films and documentaries related to running exhibitions can be viewed. Focal point of the Info Center is a remarkably shaped, many-armed table with a number of integrated computers, where visitors can find all sorts of material and information related to exhibitions and the Museum Collection. Chairs fit for lounging surround it, ready for visitors to peruse the many art magazines and periodicals the Groninger Museum subscribes to. All the furniture, as well as the marvellous marble floor were designed especially for the Info Center. Mirrors complete the experience, reflecting the rippling canal, the Verbindingskanaal, in which the Museum lies, juxtaposing exterior and interior in a play of light.

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Masterpiece Browser
The central table encompasses a massive multitouch screen: the so-called Masterpiece Browser. The themes and connections that abound in the Groninger Museum Collection can be investigated in fun fashion by a number of visitors simultaneously. They can choose a particular work of art from a cloud of connected pieces. Sometimes the objects will correspond in subject, sometimes in purpose or the artist’s vision – the resulting combinations can be surprising. The Masterpiece Browser is a totally new way of presenting information and art, with visitors navigating a route of their own choosing through the abundance of masterpieces, creating their own exhibition. The Museum suggests alternative routes all the while, to further extend the experience.
The Masterpiece Browser will take you to places in the Museum Collection you might never have thought to visit yourself. Perhaps someone searching for information on modern art will end up reading about 17th-century sculpture; it’s a wonderful way to broaden your horizons.

The multitouch screen is also home to a wonderful three-dimensional model of the Groninger Museum building, that can be viewed inside and out, from top to bottom, and from any direction. Not only will you see exactly how the building is put together, you can also learn about the architects, their views and the building’s history. Young and old will enjoy the amazing experience!  

Groninger Museum Library Catalogue
An extensive catalogue of all the books, exhibition and auction catalogues, and magazines the Groninger Museum Library has in its collection can be found online at: