Romanticism Today!

14 October 2017 to 02 April 2018

Fans of contemporary romanticism, fantasy and illusion won’t want to miss the accompanying exhibition, Romanticism Today. A surprising selection from the Groninger Museum’s collections of modern art, fashion and design takes you on a thrilling journey from Studio Job’s “Black Romanticism” to the pure white confections of fashion designers Viktor & Rolf. An artificial-reality landscape puts you in the middle of nature, surrounded by landscapes that range from charming to menacing and mysterious. Let your imagination run wild amid a dark soundscape. In Romanticism Today, experience and emotion rule!

  • Viktor & Rolf, 2001-2002, photo: Marten de Leeuw
  • Viktor & Rolf, 2001-2002, photo: Marten de Leeuw
  • Maarten Baas, Smoke Piano, photo: Marten de Leeuw
  • Siert Dallinga 'Huiswaarts', afbeelding Groninger Museum